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All the characters in this version of the game are represented by alternate names beginning with "B", most likely a deliberate gimmick to tie in with the "Bubble Bobble" or even just "Bubble/Bobble" title. The only two exceptions are Incendo and Invader, both of which begin with "I", meaning every character in this game has a name that begins with with a "B" or an "I". 


You can click on a characters name to be taken to their full page.

Traditional puzzle frame.

New puzzle frame challenge.

Another new puzzle frame challenge example.

Bub VS Benzo

Bub VS Blubba


Puzzle Bobble Live! (also known as Bust-A-Move Live!) is a modern reimagining or the original Puzzle Bobble released on the Microsoft XBOX 360  as an Xbox Live Arcade digital download. An earlier version was released on the Nintendo Wii as WiiWare under the namePuzzle Bobble Plus!/Bust-A-Move Plus! which is now completely dead and no longer works, not even on emulation, since the Wii shut its servers and stores now. A further example of why digital only games are not acceptable and physical options should always be available. Unfortunately, no physical releases have been made officially though bootlegs for PC do exist. 


The game was first released in 2009 and is now only officially available as Live!, the Xbox edition.


Bub VS Boris


The bubbles descend endlessly.

The screen can fill up very quickly.

How long can you last?

Player VS Computer

In this mode, the player faces off in battles against other characters. Every battle is the best of three rounds. There are eight characters to defeat and each one is slightly tougher than the previous. The mode is very much the same as it was in previous games, though there is no Chain Reaction previously introduced in Puzzle Bobble 4. There is also no way to lower the amount of rounds needed to obtain victory. It is always best of three rounds. There is also no way to play as the enemy characters. Popping bubbles in groups of more than three will be sent over to the opponents screen, the same will happen with bubbles that are dropped under popped clusters. The character whose bubbles cross the deadline first loses the round/game/battle.


Puzzle Mode
Endless Mode

Endless Mode is similar to Puzzle Mode except that the game never ends until the player loses. The screen constantly descends with bubbles that the player must match and pop to clear the screen the best they can. A timer is in the left corner showing how long the player has survived. Once the bubbles cross the deadline at the bottom of the screen, it's game over. The timer shows how well the player did, how long they lasted. This mode begins with one row of bubbles, one of each colour before descending. 

Much like the previous games the player is presented with an Alphabet Ladder in which each letter contains 5 puzzles to beat. The player can take different paths and routes depending on which letters they pick. This particular game introduces new puzzle challenges by bringing in new frame shapes, resulting in more interesting and challenging puzzles. Match three of each colour to pop the bubbles and clear the screen. Bubbles that cross the deadline at the bottom of the screen results in a game over. It is interesting to note also that although this game is mostly a reimagining of the first, original Puzzle Bobble, it actually does incorporate something from Puzzle Bobble 3 onwards - the bubbles are not held up by a pusher and instead are attached to support bubbles. This means bubbles can be bounced off the top of the screen, unlike in Puzzle Bobble and Puzzle Bobble 2.

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