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Bubble Bobble Part 2 on the Nintendo Game Boy (also known as Bubble Bobble Jr. in other regions) is a unique, magical adventure individual of Bubble Bobble Part 2 on the NES. It shares only two things with its NES alternate, that being its atmosphere and its title. I guess you could also include certain sprites, such as the Monsta's. The vastly different storyline and game as a whole is due to its development being independant of its NES counterpart. It was released in 1993 and would be the last time Bubble Bobble appeared on the original Game Boy.

NOTE: Characters, Enemies, Items or Places with a "*" beside it is an indication that THIS IS NOT THE OFFICIAL NAME of the thing in question. This is because some names are lost or unknown, and unofficial ones were added but with this disclaimer at Taito's request.

Bubble Bobble Part 2 (Game Boy)


The story of Bubble Bobble Part 2 is vastly different to its NES counterpart. The townspeople of Bubble World have been captured and imprisoned in a far off castle (Skull Castle) owned by the evil king known as Great Skall. Why this undead king actually did this is not explained, but an interesting thing to mention here is that Bub is referred to as "Robby". Despite this, it is still Bub and it's possibly a translation error.

Bub's objective is to make it to the castle and defeat the evil king and release his prisoners to restore peace to Bubble World.


The hero of our story. He is the brave Bubble Dragon that embarks on this quest to save the villagers. He is the player's character, and you must help guide him on his quest and defeat the evil GREAT SKALL.


Pop Bubbles

An enemy trapped in a bubble can be popped by Bub's horns.

Float Bubble

Bub can surround himself in a bubble to float upwards.

Breathe Bubbles

Bub can breathe bubbles from his mouth to trap enemies.


Regular Bubble

Bub breathes these and can trap enemies inside. He can also used them to bounce on and gain height and reach distant platforms.

Occupied Bubble

These bubbles have monsters trapped in them. Pop to kill the monster inside. If left too long, the trapped monster will escape an enter their "angry" state, making them more deadly.

Water Bubble

Popping these will cause a stream of water to flush downwards washing any monsters away. If Bub is it's line of flow, he will be swept away also but will not take damage.

Bubble Types

Regular Bubbles

There a lot of Bubble types in this game. Of course there is, and they come in three categories. Regular, Special and EXTEND. Listed below are all bubble types in the game and what they do.

X Bubble
T Bubble
N Bubble
D Bubble
E Bubble
Wind Bubble

Popping these will send a hurricane upwards killing monsters on impact. If they hit Bub, he will be stun-locked very briefly but will not take any damage.

Star Bubble

Popping these will send out a spiral of stars killing monsters on impact.

Fire Bubble

Popping these will cause flames to fall and burn the platform they land on killing monsters. These are useful for monsters in lower alcoves that cannot be reached easily. If Bub walks on a platform that contains the released flames, they will stun-lock or slow down his movement but he will not take damage. The stun time does open a window for enemy attack, however.

Thunder Bubble

Popping this will send a lightning bolt out in the opposite way to Bub is facing. If Bub is the a position in which the lightning bolt can hit him, it will stun him for a second but he will not take damage. The stun time does open a window for enemy attack, however.


Worth a value of 100 points. First appear on Round 1.


Worth a value of 100 points. First appear on Round 2.


Worth a value of 100 points. First appear on Round 3.

Ice Lolly

Worth a value of 100 points. First appear on Round 4.

Ion Bubble

Once popped, will release 2 light particles which fall down through platforms upon monsters killing them.

Special Bubbles

There are many special bubbles you will find floating around the levels on your adventure. Bub can use these to assist him in defeating the many monsters that occupy the areas he visits. These comes in various forms: Water, Thunder, Fire, Star, Wind and Ion.

Extend Bubbles

As well as the special bubbles you will find above, each of which are of an offensive nature, you will also encounter bubbles that have letters of the alphabet in them. These letter bubbles are E, X, T, E, N and D. Gather all six to be transported to a bonus level where you must collect flowers. Collecting all glowers will earn you a 1UP.

Items & Pickups

There's a ton of pickups and items for Bub to collect on his adventure. Most of these items are food, but this is not the full extent. Bub can also find many powerups, keys, secret exits, treasure and so much more. We will begin looking at the standard food items.

Standard Food Items

Unlike many other Bubble Bobble's in the series, all regular food items that Bub earns for killing monsters are worth only 100 points. The changes between the foods is only cosmetic, alternating between levels and then looping back to the first type again. Keep this in mind.


Picking this item up will allow you spit bubbles at a greater distance, allowing better range for capturing monsters. It only lasts until a life is lost.


If you fail to acquire these, the Star Rod appears instead.


Once you obtain this, a Big Gem will fall from the sky in the center of the screen after you defeat all the monsters on the level.


This freezes all enemies on the screen allowing Bub to capture them easily. However, touching monsters is still fatal. The clock has no effect on SAW BONES.


These only appear in the bonus round. Gather as many as you can before the time is up. If you get them all, you will be rewarded with the Big Coin that will fall from the sky in the center of the screen, which once collected, earns you 5 1-Up Statues.


They share traits with the Giant Items, and would be listed with those if not for the fact they are not 'giant' so to speak. 5 of these are awarded to Bub, falling from the sky when he collects the Tree item in a level and defeats all enemies there. They are worth 200 per bunch, equalling a total of 10,000, equal to a Big Item.

Giant Items

Giant items are earned when Bub collects special/key items, or a sequence of such, within a round. If these requirements are met, then upon all monsters being defeated, one of the following will fall from the sky in the middle of the screen. These are worth very large amounts of points. Collect it before it disappears! (NOTE: Sometimes these land in unreachable spots depending on level. Grab from top of level or use float-bubble jump to get).


Grabbing this tree will allow 5 bunches of Grapes to fall from the sky after all monsters in a round are defeated.


Worth a value of 100 points. First appear on Round 16.

Special & Key Items

Throughout the adventure, you will find certain items in levels that are not "point" based, but may instead, or also, give special powers and 'other' special items to Bub if successfully collected. These items will only appear for short periods of time and must be collected quickly. Equally, these items will also have to be earned in some cases, depending on actions taken within a round.


Worth a value of 100 points. First appear on Round 15.


Worth a value of 100 points. First appear on Round 14.


Worth a value of 100 points. First appear on Round 13.


Worth a value of 100 points. First appear on Round 12.


Worth a value of 100 points. First appear on Round 11.


Worth a value of 100 points. First appear on Round 9.

Chicken Leg

Worth a value of 100 points. First appear on Round 8.

E Bubble

Worth a value of 100 points. First appear on Round 5.


Worth a value of 100 points. First appear on Round 6.

Fluffy Cloud

Worth a value of 100 points. First appear on Round 7.

Big Peapod
Big Cornet
Big Coin
Big Sundae
Big Burger
Big Gem



10,000 POINTS

10,000 POINTS

10,000/20,000 POINTS

10,000 POINTS

100,000 POINTS


They bounce about reasonably high as they have a spring for legs. Attack them just before they land after jumping for the best method. These are also a good example of when to use Fire Bubbles if they are available.


They float but cannot go through obstacles. Be careful as they drift back and forth as they float around. They may get in your way. They also often float up through the vertical screen wrap so be prepared for that.


Watch out for these bouncing off the walls. They act like a rubber ball, bouncing off the platforms and walls in an expected angle. They can be especially dangerous in confined spaces. 


They jump after you, but are not very dangerous. They can jump up and walk but have no long range attack. They are mostly simple to dispatch but keep in mind they can still be dangerous if you're trying to jump up a platform they are on and you haven't timed your jump too well.

Star Rod

Grabbing the this item will cause a Big Sundae to fall from the sky in the center of the screen once all enemies are defeated.


This heart will increase Bub's stamina/hit points. You can collect up to 3 extra. Hearts allow for Bub to take damage without dying, each additional hit equals one of these hearts lost.

1-UP Statue

When you collect this statue, Bub gains an extra life. 5 of them will fall from the sky as a reward for obtaining the Big Coin.


There are many monsters that Bub will encounter on his quest to save the villagers from Great Skall's castle. They come in 4 types; Regular Monsters, Tougher Monsters, Strong Monsters and finally, Boss Monsters.

Regular Monsters

Let's take a look at the Regular Monsters first, as these will be the ones you encounter the most and can be found on almost every level.

Hidegonz King

First encountered on ROUND 60 and is one of the most dangerous bosses in the game. This creature will bound around the screen like a maniac periodically firing out a circle of lightning orbs which are a bit tough to dodge. The technique here is similar to Grumple Grommit from the original Bubble Bobble. Attack rapidly then run and dodge (back and forth quick movement) to avoid the orbs then repeat. This is far easier than it sounds. 

Super Benebou

You will meet them on ROUND 50 and they are actually quite dangerous. This giant Apogo will bounce all over the screen trying to hit you and it has quite a lot of reach. The best technique to use here is by mostly standing on the middle platform and attacking the boss as it bounces up on each side. It will however occasionally adjust its angle so it can still hit you, and in this instance, we recommend leaping to the left and right platforms above briefly but still be careful because you can still get hit here.


The Scarecrow will be encounterd on ROUND 40. This boss is not too difficult but you still need to be a bit careful because he will summon up Crows periodically that drop from above and make their way down to the bottom of the screen. Stay high up, attack rapidly with bubbles being sure to dodge him as he moves around the screen. It is advised to ignore the crows, as killing them causes him to summon more and its better to leave the crows he summons marching below as if they are not there.

Spear Hopper

You will first encounter Queen B on ROUND 30 and is the easiest boss in the game once you figure out how they work. Jumping about trying to hit them is challenging because they are unpredictable as they bound back and forth. Observe & you'll see that the bouncing attack is all they have. Stay at ground level standing under the small platform above (slightly to the side of it) and the B will not be able to hit you. Attack as they bounce down and up then flips sides of the small platform and repeat.


You will encounter Helio on ROUND 10. Helio begins off to the right, then makes itself known by flying towards you. It moves across the screen and can fly up, down, left and right to give chase. He drops missiles down below which kill and/or injure Bub on impact. Jump up two of the platforms on either the left or right which will cause Helio to float up and forward to your location. Rapid attack or Float Bubble attack as he approaches, drop down then head to the other side of the screen and repeat.


Unique monsters that only appear on the ROUND 40 boss level, and are summoned up by The Scarecrow. When called, they will drop from the top of the screen making their way to the bottom, where they will march back and forth until killed. Once killed, The Scarecrow will summon replacements. They cannot be trapped in bubbles and are killed instantly on impact. They also drop no fruit.

Boss Monsters

These following monsters are bosses. They are guards of each area, and after every 10 levels you will have to defeat one. Some are extremely tough and others not quite so much but they will all take many hits to kill, some even requiring specific types of bubbles or techniques. 


These ghosts walk back and forth and jump around hurling rocks at Bub if he enters their line of sight. They can be a bit tough because their rocks are fairly hard to avoid and they often appear in groups. 


They can surprise a player that has never met one before, because upon attacking with a bubble, they will not become trapped but will lose their shell. A second bubble after this will trap them.


These large creatures move back and forth on a platform with no ability to jump. However, they do constantly fill the screen with smaller enemies: Hermits. You can stunlock this monster by rapidly firing bubbles at it which will also kill it on multiple hits.


Possibly one of the only examples of a monster found in normal levels that cannot be hurt at all bu normal bubbles (usually because they are out of reach.) They will stand on the spot and throw arching hammers repeatedly. They are dispatched by popping Lightning Bubbles that travel across the screen and hit them. They take several hits from these to kill.


These creatures fly around the screen pausing periodically before continuing their chase. When they stop briefly, they will fire a bolt of lightning at you that you need to dodge. They can move through solid objects with ease and take multiple bubble attacks to kill.


After emptying bottles, they will fire them at you. This monster cannot be trapped in a bubble. Bub must attack these 4 times with a bubble to kill them.


It walks back and forth throwing fire balls. It can also jump up platforms if he desires too. It can be trapped in a bubble. It has to be hit 4 times with a bubble to trap it. This can be tough to do while avoiding its fireballs.

Fire Viper

Hidden on this vase is a fire spitting snake that will attack when you get too close. When out of its line of site, it will walk back and forth with the snake hidden inside. Cannot be trapped in a bubble. Hit with 4 bubbles to kill it.


This flying rabbit will chase you. It's able to move through levels with ease and can float through solid objects. It can be trapped in a bubble but it will take four hits to become trapped. 


They fire beams downwards and can only travel left to right. They cannot jump, but can travel downwards should the level allow it. The best tactic for dealing with this monster is to stand at the top of the screen near a vertical screen wrap and attack as they drop.

Tougher Monsters

These monsters are special because they either CANNOT be trapped in bubbles, or they take several hits to become trapped in bubbles. Ones that cannot be trapped can be hurt by them though, and more often than not will require you to attack them several times in order to kill them.


The villagers have been captured by the evil GREAT SKALL. It is unclear for what purpose they were captured in the first place, but it is up to BUB to collect DUNGEON KEYS and defeat GREAT SKALL to free them from captivity.

Great Skall

The final boss, encountered on ROUND 80. This boss is no joke. He is hard as nails. He begins by bouncing around the screen off the walls, ceiling and floor and is encircled with 3 Sliders. Getting rid of those, he then begins to launch skulls across the screen at you. Interestingly, the best method to defeat him is to remain on the ground level and stand in left and right corners of the screen jumping over the skulls when neccesary and attacking him with bubbles when he is in range.


This ROUND 70 boss can seem intimidating at first, but is actually not too tough. One thing to keep note of is that it's huge width allows it to screen-wrap, meaning it can be to one side far enough that its opposite hand may be able to hit you from the other side of the screen. It can fire lightning bolts out and downwards, so the best technique is to remain high up and attack from there. Again, be cautious of its size since it can reach you almost wherever you are. But staying high allows you to avoid the bolts.

Bubble Forest
Moonlight Village
Mysterious Cave
Skall's Castle
Sir Chack'n*

These guys will reward you with a DUNGEON KEY after you complete each world. Collect all the DUNGEON KEYS to unlock the cells at the end of the game and rescue the villagers. If you do this, Sir Chack'n will also break your Dragon curse and return you to human form again.


Invader Crate

Invader Crates tend to be encountered in out of reach places that Bub cannot get close too. They remain stationary, spitting out Invaders indefinitelly. Once Bub dispatches the ones it spits out, it will spit out more to replace them making them endless until Invader Crate is destroyed. It can only be harmed by Thunder Bubbles since it is out of reach of the normal kind.


New to Bubble Bobble Part 2, these spikes can be found around the environment in some of the later levels. It's pretty obvious but touching these will harm Bub or even kill him if he's low on hearts, so avoid these at all costs. You will face challenges in which you have to guide a float bubble through areas with the levels wind against you, so prepare for some very difficult times.

Throughout his quest, Bub will traverse many different lands and worlds. All on his journey to the evil king GREAT SKALL's castle. Each land has its own atmosphere and feel. After completion of each location, Sir Chack'n will offer BUB a DUNGEON KEY will be used at the end of the game to unlock the dungeon cell that GREAT SKALL has held the villagers captive!

There are four main locations, each one protected by 2 bosses. A boss will be encountered every 10 ROUNDS. Let's take a look at all the places you will be visiting! The third area is interesting because Bub will have to enter an underground cave to reach the inside of GREAT SKALL's castle, and this location is technically not show on the map.

Environmental Hazards & Elements

There are not that many environmental dangers in this adventure, but it's worth mentioning what there is here to complete the documentation. 

Big Tortilla


Required Items

These are items that are required to beat the game or are unavoidable.

Dungeon Key

Dungeon Keys are rewarded to Bub by Sir Chack'n after completion of each world. There are 4 in total to collect and they are used at the end of the game to unlock the cells in GREAT SKALL's castle and free the villagers.

Completing The Quest

There are various different endings depending on how well you do on your adventure. Listed below are the different endings you can achieve and what is required to earn them.


This door only appears very rarely and not for long. Jump into it to enter a secret area.

Bad Ending

If Bub is able to make it to the end of the quest with NO DUNGEON KEYS, upon defeating Great Skall, he will find the demon king's treasure room filled with many glorious riches. However, Bub will state that he must still continue his quest to rescue his friends (the villagers). Bub will also not return to human form, and Sir Chack'n will not show up whatsoever. 


Collecting this magical shoe will allow Bub to move at a much faster speed which is very useful when it comes to level that have a lot of difficult navigation.


You will find these in certain levels. They always come in pairs. One is an entry vortex, the other is the exit vortex but they look identical. Jumping into the entry vortex will teleport you across the level to where the exit vortex is. These are handy for getting to difficult to reach areas or reaching special items quickly. Be careful though. They can teleport you onto monsters near the exit one!

Tank Mech

You will encounter Tractor on ROUND 20. It has a very simple pattern. It zips across the screen from left to right, using the horizontal screen-wrap to come back around the other side. While doing this it periodically throws arching spanners which can be a little unpredictable do to the fact its moving so fast while throwing them. To defeat, stand near the right, rapid bubble attack as it approaches, then leap to the platform above before it runs into you, dodging the spanner, drop back down and repeat.

Good Ending

Once Bub successfully completes each world, defeats all 8 bosses and aquires all 4 DUNGEON KEYS, he will be able to free the captured villagers from the dungeons of GREAT SKALL's castle. Upon doing this, Sir Chack'n will also remove the Bubble Dragon curse from Bub, turning back into a little human boy as a reward for his bravery and success. Now Bub can return home, once again as a hero, Congratulations Bub! You made it.

10,000 POINTS

Unique Monsters

This is a section for monsters that do not fall into any other category. These are unique monsters. Either they only appear once, cannot be killed or only appear in very certain circumstances.


Saw Bones appearance is a very bad sign. It means you're taking to long on a level. This is a literal sign of death. Sawbones cannot be killed, stun-locked or harmed in any way and the only way to get rid of them is to either beat the level he appears on without him catching you, or let him catch you and die. Sawbones also cannot be frozen with the CLOCK item.

Bonus Rounds

If you manage to spell out the word EXTEND by collecting LETTER BUBBLES throughout the game, you will be rewarded with a 1-UP and transported to a special BONUS ROUND. In these levels you are given a set time to collect as many FLOWERS as possible before the time runs out. Collect all of them and you will be rewarded with a BIG item (or 5 bunches of grapes in some instances).  You may even earn 1-UP Statues in some bonuses (up to five more).

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