Bubble Dragons are a species that exist in Bubble World. They are a type of dragon that can breath bubbles from their mouths, noses and have a general "bubble" ability. A lot of notable bubble dragons are benevolent in the Bubble Bobble Universe, but not all of them are good by nature. Generally, bubble dragons are colourful creatures, usually consisting of one single colour with a secondary colour balancing them out, but they can be of any colour of the rainbow. They usually (but not always) have a single pointed tooth or two fangs, and a row of spines beginning on their head and continuing on down their backs and tails. A lot of bubble dragons also used to be human, and became bubble dragons through curses placed on them by magical species of monsters in their realm.

Some evil bubble dragons are known as Warurin. You may also be looking for Dragons, which are a seperate type of dragon from the Bubble Bobble Universe.

Bubble Dragons


He is the quiter, younger brother of Bub but becomes much more outgoing and lively when in Bub's prescence. He has helped Bub on many of his quests, though some of them he was not able too.

Listed below are Bubble World's most notable Bubble Dragons. These are not a complete list of all, but just some of the more notable ones. Click on their name to be taken to their own page.


Bub is the most famous Bubble Dragon in all of Bubble World. Alongside his brother Bob, he has saved their world numerous times and helped many of the residents of their universe, defending them from many villains, most notably Dreg.

Notable Bubble Dragons


  • Breathe/spit bubbles. Usually the same colour as the dragon that breathed them, and trap their enemies inside.
  • Jump into bubbles with enemies inside, popping them with their spiny horns, killing on impact.
  • They can bounce on bubbles.
  • Flying (limited to bubble dragons that have wings).
  • Breathe fire. Bubble dragons can breathe fire so long as they drink a fire potion.
  • With the help of a potion, bubble dragons can breathe thunder bubbles, when popped, hit foes killing them.
  • With the help of a potion, bubble dragons can breathe whirlwind bubbles, when popped, hit foes killing them.
  • With the help of a potion, bubble dragons can breathe rainbow bubbles. When popped, drop on foes killing them.

Debrun is an evil Bubble Dragon and one of the henchmen of Dreg. He has been shown to be a disguise used by Dreg also, but there is evidence to prove that a real one exists individual of that.

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Super Gargoyle


Develon is an evil Bubble Dragon. He is selfish and greedy and has been believed to associate with Dreg. This is not a sign of loyalty however. Develon has proven he only cares about his own means and goals and does not align himself with anyone. 

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