This website is dedicated to my beloved mum, who shared this world with me ever since I was a little boy. She loved Puzzle Bobble/Bust-A-Move immensely and knew the characters possibly even more than I did. She was my best friend and we used to always talk about videogames for hours upon hours every day. She was a one of a kind, and I will never ever stop missing and loving her. 


My dearest mother was an actress and a singer. She was in many TV shows and movies you have probably seen. She loved animals and her little dog was her entire world. Both of them passed away in the space of 2 months, and I feel they are both together again now. My mother was kind, caring and would do anything for you. She would sacrifice her own happiness just to make others happy. She was a true angel on the Earth.


Her most beloved and favourite games were:


Puzzle Bobble 2 and 3/Bust-A-Move 2 and 3 (and all Puzzle Bobbles)

Tetris Plus

Magical Drop

Puchi Carat



Crash Bandicoot 2

Pac-Man World


Bejewelled Blitz / Match 3's


She was also amazingly skilled at these games. My mum was truly awesome. Her love for the Puzzle Bobble series goes back as far as my own, as we both discovered it together in the mid 90's when the first game was released in Arcades. A Puzzle Bobble arcade cabinet was located in the pub my dad used to go to, and we used to watch it for hours together. One day, a few years later, Puzzle Bobble 2 was released and my mum bought us it for the Sony Playstation. She knew the game so well, she was the first one to notice that the second game never had the little sack with the bubbles in it. Even I didn't notice that change between the two games at first. She was truly a Puzzle Bobble expert. These tears I shed for you every day will never, ever dry and you and our little dog was my entire life. I long for the day when we all meet again. 


R.I.P dearest mother, I love you always. This website is in memory of you.

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