Rainbow Islands is one of several different timeline sequels to Bubble Bobble, making it the second game in the story in one particular version of the timeline. It continues from the good ending of the original Bubble Bobble and brings Bub and Bob back as stars of the game, only in human form. (Bubby and Bobby). Rainbow Islands sequel is "Parasol Stars" in this same timeline, which is not actually a Rainbow Islands game. However, despite Rainbow Islands being a one off title, there have been many different versions and ports of it including a Game Boy Color version which "attempts" to make it look like a sequel by adding a new surrounding story, even though the game itself is just very much the original game.


The game is a vertical scroller in which Bubby and Bobby need to defeat the boss monster at the end of each island. Like in Bubble Bobble before it, the game has a timer than when it begins to run out, the player is at danger of instant death. Unlike Bubble Bobble however, instead of an indestructable monster showing up (see: Skel-Monsta) instead, water rises up to drown the player. 

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