Puchi Carat is a puzzle game released in arcades in arcades in 1997. It was ported to multiple systems shortly after in 1998 and 1999. 2005, 2006 and 2008 saw much later releases on newer systems as part of compilations and collections.


The objective of the game is to break gemstones the come down from the top of the screen using a small ball and a paddle, similar to Arkanoid, Breakout, Woody Pop and Devilish. The difference here being that the game is played in a similar format to Puzzle Bobble, with the game containing a story with two player battles and dialogue between characters. 


All characters in the game are representations of a birthstone, and are named after said stone. 


Taito's game Space Invaders Forever (PS4, Switch etc.) revealed the character C-Mond from Puchi Carat and revealed that Puchi Carat actually exists in the same universe as Bubble Bobble/Puzzle Bobble which is why it has a page here. Puchi Carat also exists in the same universe as Cleopatra Fortune, which by extension, is also part of the Bubble Bobble Universe.

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