Puzzle Tower, also known as "Bubble Tower" is a tall structure located in a distant part of Puzzle World. It is five stories tall, each level held aloft above the previous level `by columns. It is said to have never been explored before, but this is untrue and obviously an exageration. 


The Puzzle Tower is the source of many legends amongst the residents of Puzzle World, all of which seem to follow the common theme of treasure, fame and fortunes, offered only to those that dare to enter the Tower and defeat whatever lies within. 


The Tower consists of multiple puzzle rooms, both the standard kind and endless variants. It also contains one rival battle room and finally a boss battle with the towers protector and guardian, Puzzle Master Weepy/Puzzle Master Smiley, who is faced at the very top of the tower as the final challenge. Defeating him earns the victor the title of Puzzle Master plus a rank/grade, depending on their skill level & success rate.


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