Psychic Force: Puzzle Taisen is a Puzzle Bobble game starring the characters of Taito's other series, Psychic Force. It was released between Puzzle Bobble 2 and Puzzle Bobble 3, and this is obvious to experts on the games because some of the puzzle maps are carried over from Puzzle Bobble 2, and bubbles are held up by "pushers" instead of special blocks. However, you can also see the Puzzle Bobble 3 things making an appearance here too, including larger anime style sprites and one of the backgrounds features the Puzzle Bobble 3 Bub promotional art. It is quite possible the artist for this game also did the art for Puzzle Bobble 3, though this is not confirmed.


The game is 100% a Puzzle Bobble game, despite starring the characters of Pyschic Force and should not be overlooked by Puzzle Bobble fans. Everything is the same except with a Psychic Force skin and a very minor difference in how characters Puzzle Mode works.  



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