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Denkyu-Kun (roughly translated to "lightbulb man") are a species of monster from the Bubble Bobble Universe. They bounce about and sometimes have the ability to electrocute their victims. They made their first appearance in Bubble Symphony (Bubble Bobble II) and later returned in Bubble Memories: The Story of Bubble Bobble III. A Denkyu-Kun named Picard is a notable character of the species and is encountered in Puzzle Bobble 2.


Their main method of attack is bouncing about the area and randomly stopping to spark electricity which can be fatal to their foes. They are not very threatening by themselves, but they are often clustered in bunches making them far more of an issue.


  • Bubble Symphony
  • Bubble Memories
  • Bubble Bobble Legend (unofficial fan-game).
  • Bubble Bobble: Wistful Memory (unofficial fan-game).

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