Drabo is the 8th generation decendent of the blood drinking vampire Baron Dracula, a vampire who sucks human blood. Despite being a vampire himself, his human child personality seems to remain unchanged, and his favourite thing to eat is sweets, not blood, much like a normal human child. He is 568 years old.

He loves video and computer games and he sleeps in a coffin etched with his name Drabo (a combination of "Dracula" and and -bō (ぼう?), a Japanese honorific that expresses endearment typically used to refer to young boys) and the "male" symbol. His coffin rests beside a similar coffin etched with Drajo ("-jo" is a suffix often used to refer to a young woman, similarly to the "-bo" suffix that Drabo's name comes from). and the "female" symbol, implying he has a female counterpart that we do not get to see. Drabo can transform into a swarm of bats.

Drabo is encountered in Rastan's Forest  in Puzzle Bobble 2 and slightly freaks Bub out when he appears in a swarm of bats.


  • Puzzle Bobble 2/Bust-A-Move 2



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