Floyd* is a character from Puzzle Bobble 2 that was cut from the game before it was released, assumed because of his similarity to Sonic The Hedgehog. Despite being cut however, his data can still be found in an almost complete state in the games files and could be accessed via a special cheat code using a gameshark. In the 2023 re-release of Puzzle Bobble 2 for modern systems, he is put back into the game as a playable character by default under the name "???".


Floyd is a pink hare that resembles Sonic The Hedgehog. He has spikey hair and is extremely fast as seen in his winning animation. He wears blue dungarees and due to his unfinished state, has no voice and less animations than the rest of the Puzzle Bobble 2 cast. He is generally referred to as "Rabbit" by fans. 


note: *means the name has not been 100% confirmed by Taito.

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FINKPLOYD can be found in the sound files.

Floyd in game.

Tortoid & The Hare is known as "Floyd's Algorithm".



The characters official name has never been released to the public as the character was cut before the game was released, only remaining in the intro sequence amongst the other Puzzle Bobble 2 cast and accessible only via a very unconventional cheat. In the 2023 re-release, known as the "S-Tribute", he is named simply "???". However, with intense research and some estimation from us at CaveOfMonsters.co.uk we have come to the conclusion it is most likely his name was meant to be Floyd. 


The character is often referred to as a pink rabbit, a red rabbit or sometime just "rabbit". But these are some things to consider:

  • The character is fast. Upon winning a game, he runs at lightning speed back and forth (very much like Sonic The Hedgehog).
  • The fable "The Tortoise And The Hare" is about a hare that runs very fast.
  • The Tortoise And The Hare algorithm is known as "Floyd's Algorithm". 
  • He is pink.
  • In the games sounds files there is a random sound file called "FinkPloyd".


Together, these elements imply that originally his name was meant to be Floyd, making him "Pink Floyd". The sound files' flip of the enitials could be, similar to the Sonic The Hedgehog similarities, a worry for Taito of copyright infringement. This is most likely why his name was never revealed along with his apperance leading him to be cut altogether. 


You can play as Floyd by modifying the Puzzle Bobble 2X arcade rom, or by using a cheat .XML file for that game. He is not playable by any other means, unlike the rest of the cast. To play as Floyd, edit the .XML file and paste this code inside:


<cheat desc="Play as Floyd (1P)">

         <script state="run">






You can achieve the same result by modifying the rom itself with the same values, but you will need to know some assembly code to do this.


You can play as Floyd in the Sega Saturn version also. Originally, it was believed that this was impossible. However, the code was discovered (interestingly on a website that documented Floyd under the name "Usagi", which was what we originally used to list him as on our first version of the caveofmonsters!) You can play as Floyd with the following code:



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