Gaago is the ghost of a chameleon lizard, specifically from the order of Squamata, found in Africa and Southern Spain. He attempts to diguise the fact that he is a chameleon ghost but fails miserably. As surprising as it may be, amazingly, it is rumoured that underneath his bandages he is actually very handsom. This is unproven and the truth is unclear.

Gaago looks, by first impression, like a fisherman wrapped in bandages like the invisible man. This most likely is his attempts to appear solid when actually being a ghost the whole time. He shows no visible limbs, perhaps because he is disguised by using his chameleon abilities or alternatively he may just not have any, considering he is a ghost. His tongue has very long reach.

He is a resident of Rainbow Star and is encountered on Chack'n Island in Puzzle Bobble 2's practice VS Computer mode.


  • Puzzle Bobble 2/Bust-A-Move 2


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