Ganranyo is the incarnation of the snake, with four faces around her head allowing her to see in all directions at once. She wields a cutlass and a trident, which it uses in the same fashion as a fork and knife. Her mouths are almost always open revealing a long tongue, and she always appears hungry giving the impression that it eats its prey. However, as it would seem, she just enjoys frightening people as a hobby.

Those around her, herself included, seem to have forgotten that she is in fact actually a magnificent female being. (To those who are surprised or frightened, please do no be upset.)

Ganranyo should never be underestimated. She is reasonably strong and it is sometimes best to just let sleeping dogs lie.

She lives in the Bubble Ruins and makes her only appearance in Puzzle Bobble 2.


  • Puzzle Bobble 2/Bust-A-Move 2



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