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  • Bubble Bobble (all versions)
  • Bubble Bobble Part 2 (NES)
  • Bubble Bobble Part 2 (Game Boy)
  • Bubble Symphony
  • Bubble Memories
  • Classic Bubble Bobble
  • Bubble Bobble Old & New
  • Bubble Bobble Plus/Bubble Bobble Neo
  • Bubble Bobble 4: Friends
  • Puzzle Bobble/Bust-A-Move
  • Puzzle Bobble Mini
  • Puzzle Bobble 2/Bust-A-Move 2 (and all its variants except Again.)
  • Puzzle Bobble 3/Bust-A-Move '99/Bust-A-Move 3DX
  • Puzzle Bobble 4/Bust-A-Move 4
  • Puzzle Bobble Millennium/Bust-A-Move Millennium
  • Super Puzzle Bobble (Arcade)
  • Super Bust-A-Move (as a support character)
  • Super Bust-A-Move 2 (as a support character)
  • Ultra Puzzle Bobble/Ultra Bust-A-Move (cameo in Rabby 's stage)
  • Puzzle Bobble Pocket/Bust-A-Move Pocket
  • Ultra Puzzle Bobble Pocket
  • Bust-A-Move Deluxe
  • Bust-A-Move Ghost
  • Puzzle Bobble Live
  • Bust-A-Move DS
  • Puzzle Bobble Galaxy/Space Bust-A-Move
  • Puzzle Bobble Universe
  • Puzzle Bobble 3D Vacation Odysee
  • Puzzle Bobble: Every Bubble!
  • Pop'n Pop



Puzzle Bobble 3/Bust-A-Move 3DX

Puzzle Bobble 4/Bust-A-Move 4

Bust-A-Move Millennium

Super Puzzle Bobble (Arcade)

It was during this time when the events of Pop'n Pop took place. Bub was approached by a fairy called Princess Lena. She came to Bub begging for help because Pop'n World, a world of balloons, had been invaded by an evil Bubble Dragon called Super Dark Great Dragon. Bub would team up with many other characters from the Taito Universe in this adventure in an attempt to defeat this menace, and this would actually mark a rare event in which Bub and Dreg would put their differences aside temporarily and team up to defeat a greater evil. After the Super Dark Great Dragon is defeated, the rivalry would continue however.

Bub and Dreg would go on to be enemies for many years. In Puzzle Bobble 2, Dreg had many vassals that were instructed to steal the constellations from the night sky, but Bub caught Beluga in the act of stealing three stars right in front of him. Giving chase to Beluga, Bub was able to stop him and all the others and thus restore the constellations upon defeating Dreg and his robot, Prototype Bubblen.

The events of Puzzle Bobble 3 took place 4 years later, in which Dreg cast an evil spell that trapped characters from other game worlds in Rainbow World, and Bub set out to put a stop to it. After defeating Dreg and his henchman Debrun (an evil bubble dragon), peace was restored.

Puzzle Bobble 4 (roughly one year after the events of Puzzle Bobble 3) saw a new villain make herself known. Madame Luna, AKA Queen of the Night, sent her vassal Cleon, a dark fairy, to steal the morning and scatter it into rainbow bubbles across the universe. Bub, noticing that the morning never came, set out on an adventure to fix the issue. Upon defeating Madame Luna, it is revealed that she was under the control of Dreg once again, and Bub defeated him and restored the morning to the universe.

Bubblen, often shortened to just "Bub", is a magical bubble dragon from Rainbow World. He used to be a little boy many years ago, but one day, while with his brother Bobblen (Bob) and their two girlfriends, he (along with his brother) was struck by an evil curse, cast by the malevolent sorcerer Grumple Grommit, a giant Willy Whistle. This black magick caused him and his brother to transform into bubble dragons. However, this was not the full extent of it as Grumple Grommit also kidnapped Bub and his brother Bob's girlfriends and took them away to the Cave of Monsters so that they would be forced to marry his own two sons. It is believed that Bub and Bob were turned into dragons as Grumple Grommit believed it would cripple them and prevent them from retaliating, but as we know, this heavily backfired, as Bub (and Bob) revealed themselves to be considerably effective as using bubble abilities to defeat Grumple Grommit and rescue their girlfriends.

The Curse Of Grumple Grommit
Rivalry With Dreg

After rescuing his girlfriend from the clutches of Grumple Grommit, Bub (and his brother Bob)'s bubble dragon curse was broken, and they were returned to being human boys again. However, it would appear that Bub and also Bob could never truly escape this curse, because on several occasions, they are returned to dragon form. Many years after the events of Bubble Bobble, long after Grumple Grommits defeat, Bub would enter the first Puzzle Bobble tournament. It was during the second one that Bub would meet his arch enemy, Dreg. Dreg was a Willy Whistle that was an adept at black magick. He had learnt the skill of transforming humans into bubble dragons and placed Bub and Bob back under the dragon curse himself.


Bub, (also known as Bubblun, Bubblen and Buballoon) is a Bubble Dragon, and along side his brother Bob, is the hero of the Puzzle Bobble games (or, most of them at least). He is strong minded, brave and adventurous. He was once a human boy called Bubby until he was cursed by Grumple Grommit in Bubble Bobble and Dreg in Bust-A-Move/Puzzle Bobble, the result of which, transformed him into a bubble dragon. He has been returned to human on several occasions though it seems he cannot escape the curse forever as he always seems to return to dragon form.

He is considered the most balanced character of most Puzzle Bobble rosters, and usually attacks from the bottom of the screen.


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Finally, Bub defeated Dreg in what seemed like a permanent end during the events of Super Puzzle Bobble. Dreg had teamed up with beings known as "Time Eaters" and this time he was not messing around. However, neither was Bub, because he defeated Dreg by sending him and his Time Eaters into a wormhole in space, restoring the correct flow of time... and Dreg was not seen again for 20 years.

Bub's Hiatus

It was during the time following this event that Bub (and Bob) took a back seat. Puzzle Bobble contests would continue, but Bub and Bob would only assist other competitors and would not enter the contests themselves. With Dreg gone, it seemed there would be a little more peace in Rainbow World. During the Bub's time away from center stage, the events of Super Bust-A-Move, Super Bust-A-Move 2 and Ultra Bust-A-Move would take place. A new villain, Katze, would appear, but Bub had no dealings with him.

An Ancient Rivalry Ends

It was roughly 20 years later when Bub would be forced to face an old enemy for possibly the final time... Dreg had returned, and escaped from his wormhole prison through the magic of a child's plush toy. Bub is forced to face Dreg for the first time ever in a Bubble Bobble adventure in Bubble Bobble 4: Friends and goes on a quest to stop his evil magick being used to bring a childs toys to life as monsters.

However, after the adventure, as Dreg is about to be destroyed again for the first time since Super Puzzle Bobble, Bub reaches up and rescues him from destruction. This marked the point when Dreg would change his ways and decide to use his magick for good, casting a spell to brighten the room and make everything happy and peaceful again. Bub became friends with Dreg, and finally, after many long years, their rivalry would end. The end of an era.

The events of Bust-A-Move Millennium took place almost immediately after Pop'n Pop, and showed Dreg steal the magical Golden Puzzle (Bubble) that was used to keep peace in Rainbow World. Bub was quick to hunt him down on a long, cross-road adventure and get it back, finally restoring peace to Rainbow World.

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