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  • Puzzle Bobble 2/Bust-A-Move 2
  • Puzzle Bobble 3/Bust-A-Move 3DX
  • Puzzle Bobble 4/Bust-A-Move 4
  • Puzzle Bobble Millennium/Bust-A-Move Millennium
  • Super Puzzle Bobble
  • Pop'n Pop
  • Bubble Bobble 4: Friends
  • Puzzle Bobble: EveryBubble!



Puzzle Bobble 3/Bust-A-Move 3DX

Puzzle Bobble 4/Bust-A-Move 4

Bust-A-Move Millennium

Super Puzzle Bobble (Arcade)

Fused Time Eater

Prototype Bubblen


Madame Luna

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Prototype Bubblen


Madame Luna

Fused Time Eater


Dreg made his first appearance in PUZZLE BOBBLE 2, and ordered Beluga to steal the stars in the night sky which began his long term rivalry against Bub and Bob, who sought to stop him and restore the stars to Bubble World. It is not entirely certain was caused Dreg to become such a villain or even why he even chose to become this self-proclaimed Magical Master of Mischief, but it is theorised Dreg may be one of the two sons of Grumple Grommit (only mentioned in the Sega Master System of Bubble Bobble), who Bub and Bob's girlfriends were taken away to marry. SEE: Grumple Grommit's Sons.

Dreg's Possible Origins

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Willy Whistle

Grumple Grommit

Grumple Grommit's Sons

Darkness Drunk

Super Drunk Jr.

Sub-Bosses Dreg Commands

Dreg rarely shows himself to be the culprit behind a mischievous event right away. He tends to either command or manipulate another evil character to hide himself and his deeds putting the blame solely on them instead. Only once his Sub-Boss protectors are defeated will he reveal himself to put an end to his foes once and for all.


Dreg (aka Drank, Dunk and Bonner) is a willy whistle, black magick expert and evil sorcerer. He is the main villain of Puzzle Bobble 2, Puzzle Bobble 3, Puzzle Bobble 4, Puzzle Bobble Millennium, Super Puzzle Bobble, Bubble Bobble 4: Friends, and is the false villain of Puzzle Bobble Everybubble. He shared a very long rivalry with Bub and Bob before making peace in Friends but soon returned to being a temporary villain again in EveryBubble! He is also the most notable villain of the Puzzle Bobble series as a whole, Bubble Bobble 4: Friends being his only appearance in a Bubble Bobble game. 

He is not to be confused with other willy whistles of a similar appearance such as Grumple Grommit or Darkness Drunk.


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