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Katze encounters Tom & Yam in the tower, which he refers to as "The Frog Brothers". After asking them what they are doing there, they claim they wish to conquer the tower to become president of Frog Country, which Katze mocks claiming that he himself already owns Frog Country, because he is master of the entire Universe and all that is in it. (This does contradict what he claims at the beginning however, as he wanted to beat the tower in order to take over the universe but then claims he already has.) Tom & Yam do not like this and a battle ensues.

Story (Super Bust-A-Move 2)
Feud With Tom & Yam
Defeating Puzzle Master Weepy/Puzzle Master Smiley

After the defeat of Tom & Yam, Katze give chase to Puzzle Master Weepy, who is the guardian of the Puzzle Tower. Eventually, after catching up with him, Weepy transforms into Puzzle Master Smiley in a final battle defending the tower against Katze. Upon Katze's victory, Puzzle Master Smiley gives Katze the title of Puzzle Master. This rank depends on how well he did in the tower against it's challenges. It appears that in the end, the main thing Katze wanted was to brag and boast about his skill to Fungila, which again contradicts his original goal of taking over the entire universe. It is possible he believes he already has done.

Katze is a 2038 year old evil hypnotist with aspirations to conquer the universe and the Puzzle Tower. He is often referred to as "an old man".  He became the main villain of Puzzle Bobble during the absence of Dreg after he was defeated in Super Puzzle Bobble (Arcade). He is protected by his guard-dog Fungila and believes that if he defeats the Puzzle Tower that he will gain the power he needs to achieve his goals.

Katze has somewhat of a large ego, believing himself to be ultimately powerful and beyond the abilities of other opponents and challengers. The perfect example of this is in his Super Bust-A-Move 2 story mode in which he tells Tom & Yam that he will show them his power when they try to battle him to defend their land of "Frog Country". 

Katze returns in Puzzle Bobble: EveryBubble! on the Nintendo Switch. After Bub and Bob defeat Dreg, it is revealed that Katze is responsible for sabotaging the potion to cure the Miniroons as part of his plan to take over Rainbow Islands. It is later revealed however, that he was secretly working for Develon.


  • Super Bust-A-Move
  • Super Bust-A-Move 2
  • Super Bust-A-Move All-Stars/Super Bust-A-Move 3000
  • Puzzle Bobble: EveryBubble!


Super Bust-A-Move



Super Bust-A-Move 2


Once defeated, he reveals he is working for Develon all along, and that he was not the main villain after all. This being said, he is still not trustworthy.

Katze is not so easily threatened however, and tells Bub and Co. that they will be destroyed by all his traps. He claims they haven't cornered him, he has cornered them, showing he has no fear or remorse for his actions. With his threats, he sends them into the Puzzle challenges.

Dreg, who has now teamed up with Bub and Co. helped find the culprit behind his sabotaged potion and it is revealed to be Katze as they all arrive at his secret underground base. Bub and Co. call out Katze for what he is doing and unlike Dreg before, he is not so easy to give in. Dreg is angered by this, furious that someone thinks they can challenge him and dare to mess with his potions and spells, and to challenge his status as the true magical master of mischief and warns Katze not to challenge him. The entire Bub and Co. are angry and ready to take Katze down. Furious with the events, Bub insists that Katze should turn the Miniroons back to normal. 

Story (Puzzle Bobble EveryBubble!)

Katze is revealed to be the main villain in Puzzle Bobble EveryBubble!. After Bub and his friends defeat Dreg, he agrees to give them a cure for the miniroons so they can stop breathing bubbles. However, this does not work and it is revealed that using his psychic powers, Katze was able to manipulate Dreg's antidote to make the situation even worse in order to take over Rainbow Islands. His plan is to completely cover Rainbow Star in bubbles so he can rule. 

Katze is the owner of Fungila, which is often referred to as his "guard dog". One day in Bubble World, Katze and Fungila were out travelling to find the legendary Puzzle Tower. However, Katze lost sight of Fungila on their walk but stumbled upon the tower by himself.


He claimed that Fungila believed treasure was in the tower, but Katze did not agree. He did however believe that conquering the challenges within the tower would earn him eternal praise and glory. He felt that defeating the tower would help him to become master of the entire universe. For this reason, he entered the tower in an attempt to defeat whatever is inside.

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