• Puzzle Bobble 4/Bust-A-Move 4
  • Puzzle Bobble Millennium/Bust-A-Move Millennium
  • Super Puzzle Bobble
  • Hippatte! Puzzle Bobble/Bust-A-Move DS
  • Puzzle Bobble Galaxy/Space Bust-A-Move
  • Bust-A-Move Bash!
  • Bubble Bobble Double



Puzzle Bobble 4/Bust-A-Move 4

Bust-A-Move Millennium

Super Puzzle Bobble (Arcade)

Space Bust-A-Move

Develon is the final boss and main antagonist of Space Bust-A-Move. He is attempting to gather the Cosmo Bubbles to take over the universe. He is also Snown's captor. Develon is the boss of two levels: Rainbow World, and Cosmo Castle. He summons bubbles around him to defend himself, and can temporarily disable the Bubble Launcher. After being defeated, Develon attemps to finish off Bub and Bob, stating that he intends to remove everyone's hopes and dreams with the Cosmo Bubbles, but is stopped by Snown at the last second. The English verison of the game refers to him as Devilin.

Bust-A-Move Bash!

Develon appears once again as a playable character in Bust-A-Move Bash!. He is one of two unlockable characters, alongside Drunk. He and Drunk share an ending, implying they were working together in this game.

Super Puzzle Bobble (Arcade)

Develon returns as a playable character in Super Puzzle Bobble. In his story mode, he challenges Bub to a fight. Bub was about to set out with Chack'n to defeat the Time Eaters, so Develon decides to tag along with him. This game shows a good example of how Develon, while still being a pest to Bub, is not directly a threat so to speak, tagging along (even though it's most likely out of boredom or selfish intent) can be on an "ok" level with Bub. This makes it far more interesting in why he would act so nasty on other occasions. 

Bust-A-Move DS

Develon is a playable character in Bust-A-Move DS. In the English version of the game, he is referred to as Dev.

Puzzle Bobble Millennium

In the story mode, he is encountered by Bub at MT. SPIRAL. When questioned on the whereabouts of Dreg, he reveals the information to Bub without much care, again, showing how he has no care for what's actually going on around him, only caring about defeating Bub and gaining glory for himself. Little is known about what happens after his defeat here, as when asked if he's okay by Bub after the battle, he doesn't reply, indicating he either left or more likely, was unconscious.

Puzzle Bobble 4

Develon first appears in Bust-A-Move 4 as a playable character. He is fought on the PLANET DIABLE. In Develon's Story Mode ending, he uses the power of the Rainbow Bubbles to become ruler of the universe. This shows a good example of how Develon is a selfish villain, caring little about association with other antagonists and aiming only to achieve his own selfish goals.


Develon is extremely competitive and hates to lose, often picking fights with Bub. He has aspirations of becoming ruler of the universe, as shown by his ending in Bust-A-Move 4 and role in Space Bust-A-Move, but does not seem to be regarded as truly villainous, as Bub has been shown to be friendly towards him on several occasions. Despite his strong-willed personality, Develon is stated to be nothing more than a lonely coward. This could be debated however, since Bubble Bobble Double shows him in all out villain mode, acting as the main antagonist of that story.


Develon's trademark method of attacking is by breathing fire, an ability that most Bubble Dragons lack without the use of a Cross of Fire or a Special Bubble. Unlike most Bubble Dragons in the series, he has not been shown to be able to spit bubbles, but whether or not he lacks the ability or simply has not been shown using it is unknown. Develon is one of the few Bubble Dragons with wings, which he can use to fly. He is also able to transform into a bat.


Develon is an evil bubble dragon that made his first appearance in Puzzle Bobble 4, and has been a reoccurring character ever since. Unlike our hero brothers Bub and Bob, Develon has wings allowing him to fly and he also has a few other special powers. These are, but no limited too, being able to transform into a bat and materialize as a demonic shadow before taking physical form. He also shows himself to be able to set himself ablaze in blue flame, and fire lasers from his mouth at his foes during battle.

Develon is very much a selfish villain, usually only serving himself and his own goals. However, there have been a few exceptions in which he assisted Dreg. This has only ever been short-term though and he has since assisted Bub and various other characters. It really shows that Develon is only out for himself and his own evil ends.

A lot of this time seems to be spent sabotaging Bub and Bobs quests, and to some, he is believed to be a demon.


Bubble Bobble Double

The final boss of Bubble Bobble Double is a giant mechanical version of Develon called Mecha Develon, who throws Bub and Bob into a mysterious dimension in an attempt to take over Rainbow World. The English version of the game spells his name as both Mecha Devilin and Mecha Devilun.

Puzzle Bobble Everybubble!

It is revealed that Develon is the main villain behind the events of Puzzle Bobble Everybubble! After Dreg played a mischievous prank on Rainbow World by making the miniroons breathe bubbles, it is revealed that he is unable to fix the problem as his potion had been tampered with. It is believed to have been due to the evil hypnotist Katze, but upon his defeat is then later revealed to be Develon all along.

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