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A Maita (sometimes spelled Mighta and AKA Stoner or Boris) is a type of monster that exists in Bubble World. They originate from Chack'n Pop, using a boulder as a timer. Maita's are ghosts that have the ability to summon boulders at will and will try to crush their enemies by rolling them towards their foes. It has been shown that they may also be a form of mage, as they seem to harness magical abilities, especially certain notable characters of the species such as Jam or Stoner.


  • Can summon boulders and stones at will and roll them towards their foes. Will kill on impact.
  • Can use a star-rod to summon multiple stones at once. (Only seen performed by Jam, may be a specialist ability).
  • Can shapshift into an owl. (Only seen performed by Stoner, most likely a specialist ability.)


  • Bubble Bobble (Arcade, PC, Playstation, Game Gear, Master System, NES etc.)
  • Bubble Bobble Part 2 (NES).
  • Bubble Bobble Part 2/Bubble Bobble Jr. (Game Boy).
  • Bubble Bobble Pocket (Game Boy)
  • Bubble Symphony (Arcade, Xbox)
  • Bubble Memories (Arcade)
  • Rainbow Islands (Arcade PC, Playstation, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, NES etc.)
  • Parasol Stars (PC Engine, Game Boy, NES ).
  • Bubble Bobble Neo/Bubble Bobble Plus (Wii, Xbox360).
  • Bubble Bobble 4 Friends (Nintendo Switch, PS4).

See also:

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  • Jam
  • Stoner (Character)

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