Stoner (also known as Maita and Boris)  is a Maita that has been in many Puzzle Bobble games since the first one. He began as a servant for Dreg before eventually becoming friends with Bub (estimated to have happened sometime around the events after Puzzle Bobble Millennium. ) He is a ghost-like character with a goofy voice that sometimes can be very strong, other times not so much (it really does depend on the game he is in). 


He is named Stoner because of how he (and his entire species) roll boulders at their enemies. 

See also:

  • Maita (species)
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  • Puzzle Bobble
  • Puzzle Bobble 2
  • Puzzle Bobble 2X
  • Puzzle Bobble 4
  • Puzzle Bobble Millennium
  • Super Puzzle Bobble (Arcade)
  • Puzzle Bobble Pocket
  • Puzzle Bobble DS
  • Bust-A-Move Deluxe (cameo)
  • Puzzle Bobble Plus!/Puzzle Bobble Live!
  • Puzzle Bobble Universe
  • Bust-A-Move Islands
  • Puzzle Bobble: EveryBubble!


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