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Willy Whistle (also known as Drunk, Borracho and Bonner) are a type of monster that exist in Bubble World. They are humanoid dwarves/elves/trolls that are practitioners of magick, sometimes referred to as wizards or sorcerers, and are almost always seen carrying a magick staff known as a Star Rod, and a potion bottle. The bottles are something which they use as a form of attack by throwing them at their enemies. They are some of the tougher monsters in the Bubble Bobble Universe, and many Willy Whistles have become notable main villains in the story.


  • Throwing Bottles: A willy whistles main form of attack is lobbing rebounding potion bottles at their foes.
  • Curses: Some willy whistles have shown themselves to be able to curse humans to become bubble dragons.
  • Breathing Fire: Only seen performed by Dreg.  Possibly a specialist ability.
  • Summoning Fire: Only seen performed by Dreg. Possibly a specialist ability.
  • Summoning Lightning: Only seen performed by Darkness Drunk. Possibly a specialist ability.


NOTE: Since Willy Whistle's are practitioners of spellcrafting, some or all of these abilities are probably possible by all of them, but depending on their magick level. Those we see performing special abilities of the species are quite possibly just more adept at their craft than those that cannot.

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