Grumple Grommit, also known as Baron Von Bonner, Super Drunk and Sūpā Doranku is a giant Willy Whistle and one of the main antagonists of Bubble Bobble. He is responsible for the kidnap of Betty and Patty, Bub and Bob's girlfriends in the original game though it is revealed that he did this under the command of a higher power. Grumple Grommit is responsible for the Bubble Dragon curse that Bub and Bob are still under to this day. He is the one that transformed them into dragons. He is a strong villain, throwing out empty potion bottles around him that are difficult to avoid in the original game. He has returned in many games since the original Bubble Bobble, but has never been as deadly as his original appearance. In the Sega Master System version of Bubble Bobble it is revealed he also has two sons, and that the reason he kidnapped Betty and Patty was to force them into marrying his sons. He makes one single appearance in Puzzle Bobble as the main boss of Puzzle Mode on the Nintendo SNES version of the game. He also appears in New Bust-A-Move though he cannot be fought against directly.

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